Eco-Friendly AF: Why It's So GD Important to Keep Organic Waste Out of Landfill

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Welcome to the first installment of  Eco-Friendly AF (EFAF), which will be a regular monthly addition to the “What’s Brewing” section on our website. The intention behind EFAF is to provide you with info and insights as to why certain practices are crucial to living a sustainable, eco-friendly life, whether at home or at the office, and breaking those practices down into simple terms (i.e., the way regular humans speak) and actionable tasks so that you not only get why they are necessary but how to implement them into your daily habits.

For this first post we are going to talk about WHY IT’S SO GD IMPORTANT to keep organic waste out of landfill.

If you’re a regular customer and supporter of GoJava, then you’ve likely heard us refer to this fact, oh, about a trillion times. It’s basically the foundation of our business and the reason why we do what we do. But in case you’ve missed it, here it is again in a nutshell:

The reason it is crucial to keep organic waste out of landfill is because when organic waste is put in a landfill (as opposed to a composting facility, for e.g.) it gets buried, looses access to oxygen, and creates methane gas, which is a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

To break it down even further, we’ve answered some FAQ:

What is organic waste:

Organic waste is anything food related (or made out of stuff that grows in nature)​. Food scraps, COFFEE GROUNDS, used paper towel, yard waste, ​etc.

What is methane gas and why is it bad?

Methane gas is a greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere and it’s bad because it makes the earth hotter i.e., global warming.

On that note, what is a Greenhouse Gas?

A Greenhouse Gas is any kind of gas in the atmosphere that can trap infrared radiation, keeping the atmosphere hotter, which in turn makes the planet hotter, which we don’t want to do. Why? Because then everything is going to melt and we will have to move to Mars.  

So, now that you know why keeping organic waste out of landfill is SO GD IMPORTANT, what can you do to make sure you’re doing your part?

1)      Make sure that you are throwing food scraps into the green bin and not the garbage can. Easy peasy if you have compost collection. Unless you’re lazy and still throw leftovers into the garbage, in which case, stop being lazy.

​If you live in an apartment or area that doesn’t have a compost collection program, we get that this this is easier said than done. But you can still try! Here are some DIY options to collect your compost and keep it out of landfill (that is, if you really want to have good karma and not come back as a dung beetle).

2)      When it comes to coffee grounds, same thing: Compost Bin Not Garbage Can. If you drink filtered coffee then just empty your brewer and toss the grounds into the compost bin. Obvi. However, if you are a coffee pod user then you can’t just toss the grounds into compost because they are stuck inside the pod. In that case, what you can do is order from GoJava and we will collect your used pods and separate the grounds from the pods so that the grounds go to compost and the pods get recycled. If you don’t live in our delivery zone, then maybe stop drinking coffee pods until we can get to you. Or if you’re a die-hard pod fan, then open the pod, scrape the brown stuff into the compost.

3)      If you have expired food in jars or tubes, don’t be a lazy a$$. Rinse and empty them out and recycle the containers. We know, it’s gross AND it takes a whopping 5 minutes out of your time. But just do it and reward yourself with a glass of wine after for your efforts. The reason this is so important is because if you leave too much food waste/residue in these containers then they don’t end up getting recycled, which means not only does the plastic go to landfill, but the organic waste does as well.  

4)      If you’re a business and your building doesn’t have an organic waste collection program, check out our Zero Waste Solution. Here again we must employ shameless self promotion, because GoJava can provide your office with collection of organic waste (and more!) for a small monthly fee:

Thank you for reading our very first Eco-Friendly AF post! If you have any topics you'd like us to shed some light on, feel free to email us at

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