What's Brewing: November 2017

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to almost-winter! We hope you're keeping warm and cozy these days as the weather is (finally?) getting cold. If you're in need of some good fireside reading material, check out this month's blog on the topic of The Hierarchy of Waste Management and how it can help you to choose the most eco-friendly ways to manage your waste disposal.  

And now for our exciting November updates!

Re-Ordering Just Got Easier
If you're ordering the same items or most of the same items on a regular basis, we have a new tool that will make things much simpler and faster for you. Here's how it works: 
1) Log into your account 
2) You will see your order history
3) You will see a button called "one-click order" or you can click on a previous order and then you will see a button called "add order to cart" 
4) If you click on these buttons they will allow you to add previous ordered items or entire previous orders to your cart. You can then go to your cart and edit the order (add or delete items). Voila!

Say Goodbye to Bottled Water
And say hello to water filtration! For a low monthly fee, we can provide you with installation and maintenance services for a water filtration system in your office, which is not only better for the environment (like, alot better) but is a more cost effective solution for your bottom line. There are options for still, sparkling or hot water systems, so if you're interested in switching to filtered water, email us at info@gojava.ca

Google Love
We are all about spreading the love for all things eco-friendly. And since we know you are too, we would greatly appreciate a positive review on Google if you have a few moments to spare (or need to kill time before you can leave work). All you need to do is google "GoJava" and you will find a profile where you can leave us your review. 

Thank you so much for your support of all we are doing at GoJava to keep shifting things to the greener side of life. If you know of an office that could use our services, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@gojava.ca

All good things, 
Eugene Ace
Founder & President



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