What's Brewing: February 2018

Hello everyone, 

Since this month is dedicated to love, we would like to start off by sending you ours! We are so appreciative of your ongoing support and are really excited about the positive feedback we've been receiving about our new snack program and additional office waste disposal services. Keep it comin'! We love the love.

With that said, let's get into our exciting February updates! 

Waste Diversion Reporting 2.0
For some time we have been sending our office customers quarterly waste diversion reports of the total weight of waste, and what type, they have been keeping out of landfill by using our services. We know that this reporting is helpful in your business practices, and that's why we've decided to update the way in which you will receive these reports (and how we generate them). As of next month we plan to launch a new system which will allow customers to log into their account to see in real time how much waste they have diverted to date. So if you've been wondering where your year end numbers for 2017 are, please bear with us! You'll be receiving them soon and we promise the wait will be worth it.  

More Vitamin C 
If you haven't already checked it out, our snack & breakfast program is quickly becoming one of our most popular offerings (who doesn't love a good snack?!) To keep the good vibes flowing, this month we've added options for a small or large assorted fruit box. So if you're like us and keen on keeping the rampant winter germs at bay, check out how you can up the Vitamin C intake for your entire office. 

Tooting Our Horn
We're honoured that Causeartist, a social enterprise platform dedicated to promoting and supporting businesses making a social impact worldwide, has nominated GoJava among their list of 36 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2018. We can't deny that it feels good to be seen and recognized for our efforts, but even more than that it supports something we've felt for sometime, which is that the business world is undeniably shifting towards sustainable, socially conscious practices being the norm--and that's a trend we're pumped to be a part of. 

If you're interested in learning more about our additional offerings and how we can help your business get on the sustainable bandwagon, please email us at info@gojava.ca

Keep it green!
Eugene Ace, President



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