What's Brewing: July 2018

Good day, eco-warriors!

Before we get into the exciting updates we have this month, we would like take a moment to thank those of you who completed a 5-star Google Review of GoJava last month. Because of you we are now officially the top-rated office coffee & snack provider in Ontario! 

We are very excited to announce the soft launch of our nation wide snack box subscription service under the GoJava umbrella called...wait for it...GoSnack! (See what we did there?) If you're already ordering snack boxes to your office with us, great--no need to change what you're doing! But what GoSnack.ca offers beyond what we are already offering through GoJava.ca is Canada-wide delivery service for any size snack box to any office. So if you have office locations outside of Toronto & Ottawa, let them know about us and they can try our service for the first time free. We have options of healthy, natural and organic snacks for 50, 100 and 200 item boxes. 

BTW, We're Hiring
Whoever said good help was hard to find wasn't kidding! Or maybe we're just being picky:) Either way, we're reaching out to let you know that we are hiring because we know that the best way to find someone is through personal connections and word of mouth. If you know someone who is newly out of school with a little bit of experience and a great personality, or someone who has equivalent industry related experience (and still a great personality), please do send them our way! The positions we are hiring for are:
Business Development Associate (Toronto)
Business Development Associate (Ottawa)
Delivery Driver/Warehouse Assistant (Toronto)
Monthly Promotion

This month we're offering a whopping 15% off our entire whole bean coffee collection for homes and offices! If it's been awhile since you've had anything but a pod coffee or you're already a dedicated whole bean user, we carry the top coffee roasters in the city, including Detour, Reunion Island, Balzac's and Pilot. Use code: WHOLEBEAN at checkout and get your discount on! 

Thanks so much everyone for your time and support. We hope you enjoy these precious dog days of summer.

Until next time...

Keep it green!
The GoJava Team



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