What's Brewing: May 2018

Good day, eco-warriors!

We had such a great response from last month's newsletter that we're here on this fine May day to tell you about more cool products, bring more of the goods at a discount and, best of all, to give you even BETTER bribes! So let's get into it!

Monthly Promotion
This month we have Pilot Coffee Cold Brew on promotion. What is cold brew coffee you ask? Well, it's not just cold coffee. It's coffee that's been finely brewed to create a mellower, less acidic flavour. Pilot Coffee goes even further by nitro-infusing their cold brew to give it a nice, creamy texture. Still not sure? Well good thing we're offering you a whopping 25% off all Pilot Coffee Cold Brew offerings on our site to give them a try. With the hot weather coming, it's a perfect option for your office mates who need a little afternoon pick-me-up (but, like, the mellow kind).  Use code PILOT25 at checkout!

New Referral Program
This month we are introducing a referral program. If you have a friend, family member, or even a frenemy, who works in an office and needs to up their green practices (and their cool factor) then tell them about GoJava, will ya?! All you need to do is have their office contact us at info@gojava.ca and we will do the rest. Once they sign up, you will receive $100 credit towards any purchase at GoJava.ca. 

Up Your Office Coffee Game
If you're slowly becoming a coffee aficionado (read: geek) like all of us over here at GoJava, then you might be interested in exploring our whole bean options. In our humble opinion, we have the widest and hippest range of coffee offerings in town including Balzac's, Kicking Horse, Pilot and soon we will be adding JJ Bean and Detour! If you would like to broaden your horizons in terms of how to make coffee, we have some great options available for offices on our site including Chemex brewers, Hario drippers and the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder. Have a look and if you want to learn more, just email us at info@gojava.ca.

That's all from us for now, folks. We hope you've enjoyed your monthly dose of GoJava. Thank you for your enthusiasm and being a part of our movement! 

Keep it green!
The GoJava Team


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