What's Brewing: November 2018

Good day, eco-warriors!

Now that we're into full on winter in November (WTF), this month's newsletter is all about how to stay warm, cozy and sickness-free. Read on for how we can help you do that (spoiler: it's all about the tea!) as well as promos and key dates for the holiday season to help you with your order planning. 

Wize Monkey Tea
We're thrilled to announce that we've added Wize Monkey Tea to our product offerings. If you don't know about Wize Monkey tea, it's time to get wise (haha) because they're an awesome, award winning, super sustainable tea uniquely made from coffee tea leaves. Say what? Yes, coffee tea leaves, which have actually been used in various parts of the world for centuries for their immense health benefits and high levels of antioxidants. We love Wize Monkey because not only are they focused on providing a high quality product, they're also committed to doing right by their workers by upcycling the prunings from their farming to provide year-round jobs to those who would typically be out of work after the harvest season. To read more about their product, check them out here.
We are offering 20% off Wize Monkey from now until December 21st with code GetWise so you can check it out for yourselves!

Tea for Cold and Flu Season
If your home or office is anything like ours, you're either dreading that first cold of the season or you've already succumbed and are just waiting until you can run to get your flu shot, fingers crossed that you'll make it through the next five months without another one. It may seem obvious, but herbal teas are not only useful when you're sick, but they can be incredibly helpful in keeping you healthy by boosting immunity. Key ingredients to look for are: Hibiscus, lemon, ginger, and rosehip. (Pro tip: If you want to kick it up a notch, add a dollop of raw honey to the mix). Here are a few teas we have on hand with those clutch ingredients to help you out:

Pluck - Southbrook Berry Blend 
Wize Monkey - Ginger Lemon
Tazo - Green Ginger 
Higgins & Burke - Sunkissed Ginger 
Steep by Bigelow - Organic Rooibos Hibiscus

Holiday Closures
We wanted to let you know about our holiday hours well in advance so that you can plan around the dates so as not to be inconvenienced with any service interruption. GoJava will be closed on the following dates: December 24th-26th, 31st; January 1st.
Please make sure to place your orders with these dates in mind. Thank you for your collaboration!

Until next time...

Keep it green!
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