What's Brewing: October 2018

Good day, eco-warriors!

So, it's officially sweater weather and pumpkin season. But we're not hating! Because the colder it gets, the more it's time for steaming cups of coffee and cozy mugs of tea. And snacks! ('Cause we gotta pack on a few layers on before the winter, right?!) Below we have some info and promotions on this month, so read on and enjoy!

Fruit Box Delivery Service

Did you know that we offer a fruit box delivery service in a range of sizes for office customers? Well, it's true! And the reason this is important for you to know is that studies have shown people are happier and have more energy when they consume high levels of vitamin C and vitamin D during the daytime, especially in the colder months when sunlight exposure is at a low. So if you want to avoid an office full of grumpy employees all winter, give our fruit box service a try and watch your office morale skyrocket. We swear, we're not making this up!

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

In case you haven't checked out your office's waste diversion statistics in awhile, just a reminder that this information is available to you at any time once you log into your company's account. There is an ever increasing demand on companies to demonstrate a practice of environmental responsibility to their consumers, and with our calculation tool we make it easy for you to do that. If you're looking to score points with the boss, why not suggest implementing a monthly or quarterly waste diversion report for customers and shareholders? Not only does it show you're doing your part for the planet, but it's a pretty solid PR move. And if you're a home customer, don't forget you can see the total waste you're helping to divert from landfill as well on our website's homepage at the bottom. To date, we've diverted 99, 444 lbs of waste from landfill!

Snack Box - First Timers Discount

From now until November 20th, we are offering a special promotion for office customers on their first snack box order! We have everything from chips and chocolate to healthy bars and mixed nuts, so if you haven't yet tried it, email allison.mcdonald@gojava.ca to find out how you can receive 20% off your first time snack box order.

Until next time...

Keep it green!
The GoJava Team


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