What's Brewing: October 2019

Good day, eco warriors!

It's October! And almost Halloween! Which means it's time for another newsletter with lots of treats and not so many tricks...unless you count cheesy word play, amazing deals and new products as tricks, then we've got TRICKS! So without further a-BOO, let's get started!

New Tea Who 'Dis?

Next month we will be adding Genuine Tea to our premium tea offerings and we are stoked (steeped?!) to be able to bring this awesome product your way. Genuine Tea is a company based in Toronto and founded by a couple who GENUINELY love tea. They decided to take their passion and respect for the art of making high quality teas and build a company from this ethos. Look forward to seeing their teas on our website soon! 

Catering, Anyone?

We've decided to dip our toes into the waters of office catering! To that end, we are partnering with local companies Fresh City Farms and Farm'r to see if adding a catering program to our services would be helpful to our customers. If you're interested in learning more or participating in a trial with us please email info@gojava.ca to get started and check out these truly wonderful local companies to see how you can up your office lunch program. 

Gift Baskets For All!

We are currently putting together corporate gift basket options in two price ranges ($50-$60 & $100+) to make thanking (read: shmoozing) your corporate clients simple and easy. They will be available to order by the end of November just in time for the holidays, so if you are in the market for gift baskets and are tired of the usual options that include things like stale-ish caramel popcorn and fancy mustard, stay tuned for more information or, as always, email us at info@gojava.ca and we will let you know what to expect once they are ready to roll out!

Beans, Beans The Magical Fruit

Just a friendly reminder that our GoJava Whole Bean coffee is now available to order and it's DELICIOUS! (We're not biased). If you're on the fence about whether you want to try them (though since they're DELICIOUS you shouldn't be) please enjoy 15% off your first order with code ACE at checkout. 

Until next time, KEEP IT GREEN!

The GoJava Team



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