What's Brewing: September 2018

Good day, eco-warriors!

It's that time of the month again for our exciting updates and offers! So far September has been really busy with those back-to-school vibes carrying over into the work place, so we will keep this month's newsletter short and sweet. In particular in Toronto we've been busy with our road show with Oxford Properties where we've had the chance to meet and greet many new faces and give them samples of our amazing coffee offerings, so we can't wait to see how things grow from there! 

If you're like us, then drinking the actual amount of water you're supposed to ingest in a day seems to be an impossible task (especially after 6pm when wine o'clock hits, amiright?!) But LaCroix makes getting your H2O on sooooo much easier. LaCroix is a (delicious!!) flavoured sparkling water with no sodium or sweeteners. How is that possible, you ask?! By infusing the water with "natural essence", which is just a fancy nancy way of saying that the water is flavoured with the natural oils from the fruit. So what that means is orange tastes like orange, lime tastes like lime, lemon tastes like lemon. You get the idea. Right now we are offering 10% off all LaCroix products with discount code LACROIX, so check them out in the store and hydrate yo'self! 

Welcome, Kylie, Jesse & Dave!
AMEN. After searching far and wide, high and low, we have found not one but THREE incredible people to join our team as account executives and we couldn't be happier to be able to officially welcome them aboard. Kylie Flynn and Jesse Cantwell will be working in Ottawa and Dave Paivel will be in Toronto.These individuals embody exactly what GoJava is about while bringing their own individual style and flair to the team. Since GoJava is a tight knit family, we were very picky about who we chose to help us expand, and it's safe to say that we chose well. Please extend a warm welcome to the newest members of our crew!

That's all for now, folks! Thank you as always for your support and continued enthusiasm. We are truly grateful. 

Until next time...

Keep it green!
The GoJava Team


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