Maison Riviera - Vanilla, Less Sugar, Greek Yogurt (750g)

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  • 40% less sugar* and lactose free.
  • High in protein, 0% M.F. and surprisingly creamy.
  • Probiotics with multiple benefits for intestinal and immune system health.
  • A smooth and creamy taste that’s simply divine.

*40% less sugar than average compared to the most popular 0% M.F. regular greek yogourt brands.

Skim milk
Vanilla preparation (sugar, water, pectin, natural flavour, lemon juice concentrate, locust bean gum)
Milk protein concentrate
Bacterial cultures


Maison Riviera develops its dairy products using 3 different kinds of milk, all of which come from the rich farmland of the Lac Saint-Pierre Valley: regular cow’s milk, organic cow’s milk, and goat’s milk.

For Maison Riviera, processing milk products is comparable to the science of winemaking. Just like with wine, milk processing relies on micro-organisms and cultures. This ancestral conservation method transforms the lactose in milk into lactic acid, allowing the dairy products’ taste, texture, and benefits (probiotics) to be developed to their full richness. From velvety, round in the mouth, and mild for yogourts, to full-bodied, nutty, and creamy for cheeses, Maison Riviera puts great care into revealing all the subtleties of its products.



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