Hip, Healthy & Green

GoJava was founded in 2015 with the mission to create a service that would allow users at home or at the office to recycle their coffee pods in a free and simple way. Goal Status: Accomplished (yay us!). GoJava is now a leading provider of office coffee, snacks, water filtration systems, and zero waste services. We focus on providing local and modern brands, healthy and sustainable solutions, and offering many services under one roof.
Eugene Ace
Founder and CEO
Evan Birmann
Founder and COO

The Idea

Eugene and Evan (who have been friends for 20+ years) were both working at a large national company selling coffee products when they noticed two things: 1) Single-serve coffee pods such as Keurig had become very popular and 2) These pods were creating an enormous amount of waste with no solution in sight. One night over a couple of beers (maybe more) the idea of GoJava was born as a solution to this dilemma and their entrepreneurial spirit took flight (the beer probably helped).



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