Continue to fuel your valuable team and boost remote office morale!

Work-From-Home Delicious and Nutritious Snack and Coffee Boxes

During this strange and uncomfortable time, working from home is more than just a change of scenery. Routines, simple pleasures, and the corporate culture we are accustomed to have been upended in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, sigh.

Not to worry folks, we’ve got the perfect solution to keep your team nourished, energized, and most of all HAPPY, while they plug away from their home office (whatever that looks like).

Delight your remote staff with our Work-From-Home Snack and Coffee boxes filled with fuel in the form of coffee pods, ground coffee, and a ton of snacking goodness – salty, sweet, healthy and crunchy!

Our office snack boxes have always been a crowd pleaser, full and happy tummies lead to productivity (trust us, we know from personal experience). During this time, share our Work-From-Home snack and coffee boxes with your team members, delivered straight to their homes. They will thank you; we promise!


Check out box options below:

WFH BOX - SNACKS ONLY ($25/$50/$100)

$25 = 12 snack items

$50 = 25 snack items

$100 = 50 snack items



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$50 = 20 snack items + 3x coffee pouches (2.5oz each)

$100 = 40 items + 6x coffee pouches (2.5oz each)



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WFH BOX - KEURIG + SNACKS ($50/$100)

$50 = 20 snack items + 12x coffee pods (6x medium, 6x dark)

$100 = 40 snack items + 24x coffee pods (12x medium, 12x dark)



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