Work From Home Snack Box Delivery

Reward & Nourish Your Remote Employees with Snacks and Drinks Delivered to their Homes!

GoJava Werk Perks

In addition to the WFH Boxes listed below, you can also check out our dedicated website for remote perks; GoJava Werk Perks! 

GoJava Werk Perks enables you to set up a program where your remote employees can choose from a huge selection of local snacks, coffee and beverages to build their own box of perks to be delivered to their home.

It's a customizable perks experience your remote employees will love, wherever they are!

WFH Box Types:

Work From Home Snack Boxes
Work From Home Snack Boxes
Snacks and Drinks Box
Coffee & Tea BoxCoffee Tea and Snack Box

What Is It:

With GoJava, you can share our Work-From-Home snack and coffee boxes with your team members, delivered straight to their homes!

Whether it's snacks and gift boxes for remote employee perks, virtual events, clients or friends/family, we've got you covered! 

We can even customize your boxes by adding items you provide; Eg. branded stickers, stress balls, or other company swag.

How It Works:

Gift Boxes - How it Works

Get Started:

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