Work From Home Snack Box Delivery

Reward & Nourish Your Remote Employees with Snacks and Drinks Delivered to their Homes

Not sure when your office will open? Going fully remote?

GoJava has created an easy way to extend your in-office food and beverage program to any employee working from home.

Our office snack boxes have always been a crowd pleaser, full and happy tummies lead to productivity (trust us, we know from personal experience). Share our Work-From-Home snack and coffee boxes with your team members, delivered straight to their homes. They will thank you; we promise!

How Remote Snack Box Delivery Works:

All you need to do is chat with us to confirm your budget, frequency and type of program you would like. Then we'll take care of the rest!

We will send each employee a link to fill out their box preference, shipping address, etc.

And we will handle all logistics with shipping available anywhere in Canada.


GoJava Work From Home Snack Boxes

Snack Box Types:

  1. Regular ($30/$50)
  2. Vegan ($30/$50)
  3. Nut Free ($30/$50)
  4. Gluten Free ($30/$50)
  5. Coffee/Tea ($25)

Price Breakdown: Eg. $30 or $50 plus $10 shipping for anywhere in Ontario/Quebec, $15 shipping for all other Provinces.

Snack Box Sizes:

We have two snack box sizes available to fuel an employee for 2 weeks (with at least 20 premium snacks - $30) or 4 weeks (with at least 35 premium snacks - $50). Each option is designed to accommodate various dietary approaches with a variety of delicious snacks. Along with the regular box, specialized nut-free, gluten-free and vegan boxes are also available. And for coffee and tea lovers, we have a Coffee/Tea box with the local brands you have been missing (1 bag of locally roasted ground coffee and 1 box of tea - $25). 

To get started please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!



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