Pilot - Cold Brew Latte - Four Pack (4x250ml)

Pilot - Cold Brew Latte - Four Pack (4x250ml)

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* Keep refrigerated 
From Roaster / Brewer:

The evolution of cold brew. PILOT COLD BREW 'LATTE' is an iteration of a latte that blends our direct trade, specialty cold brew with organic, lactose-free milk.

Enjoy it straight from the can, or in a glass, either way, you’ll be left happy… and wanting more.


At Pilot Coffee Roasters we like to be precise with our measurements, so we’ve created a design that encapsulates the ideal cold brew serving size – one that won’t leave you wanting more, or wasting a drop. On the inside, it’s everything you love about our Pilot Cold Brew lineup. There’s no need to mess with a good thing. We’ve just found it the perfect fit – an elegant vessel that reflects its refinement.

Our drive to innovate led us to technology that extends the shelf life of PILOT COLD BREW 'LATTE' exponentially, keeping its complex flavours and smooth effervescence for up to 6 months. COLD BREW 'LATTE' is also shelf stable, so you can keep unrefrigerated without losing that rich and creamy texture that defines nitro infused Pilot Cold Brew.

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