Pilot - Heritage, Instant Coffee (3/pk)

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Introducing an Instant Coffee that comes Barista-approved. 

Pilot Coffee Roasters has teamed up with Swift Cup Coffee to bring you a great tasting cup anywhere in an instant. Using an innovative freeze drying process, our coffees have been carefully dehydrated and preserved to lock in their unique flavour profiles. There are no boundaries to where cafe quality coffee can go. Just add water, stir and enjoy!

Pilot's diligent, tried-and-true espresso blend that’s been with them from the start. This steadfast blend is designed to produce a big-bodied shot packed with flavour and complexity that can hold its own when combined with milk.

While they rotate its component parts depending on the season, its defining feature is a fine balance of dark fruit, Swiss chocolate and nutty tones with medium acidity, tailor-made to stand the test of time. 



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