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Wondering how to provide recurring perks to your remote team? Reward and nourish your remote team members with snacks and gifts delivered to their homes!

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Toronto’s modern + healthy + sustainable office services

Office Snacks, Coffee, Water Filtration, Catering & More

We provide the coolest and greenest office services in Toronto.
Let us help you create an environment that will make your team excited to come to work!

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Coffee & tea
Water filtration
Zero waste services

Your One-Stop-Shop

Consolidate your vendors

Whether you need snacks, coffee, break room products, or water filtration, GoJava is the one-stop-shop that has you covered. We will make your life easier and help you save money by consolidating your suppliers.

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Providing zero waste solutions for your office and planting a tree for every order delivered

We will help your office recycle as much as possible and track the waste you are diverting from landfill. We also provide carbon neutral delivery and plant a tree for every order you place. Let's make a difference and create a greener future!

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GoJava Impact Since Launch
JULY 2015

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From 10 employees to 1,000+. From Self Serve to Fully Managed. We have the solution for you!

Whether you’re a small office that wants to order from the website, or a large office looking for a fully managed white glove experience, we have got you covered!

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